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About Us

The Lumad List is a product of Lumad Creative, a team of computer and tech enthusiasts from Butuan City. We created The Lumad List to give businesses the opportunity to be discovered, especially the small business owners who don’t have the ability and resource to promote their businesses locally.

How do we earn?

While signing up and adding a listing is free, we profit from Ad Campaigns (advertising plans) which can be optionally purchased by the list owners to further promote their businesses. We do not sell “premium listing features” since all listings are already fully-featured. We suggest you add as much information on your business – without sacrificing information accuracy – to increase its visibility. Please read our Listing Guidelines for more information.

Where our money goes

The obvious answer is to maintain the website’s expenses and its growing server requirements like storage space and bandwidth (amount of traffic it can handle). Aside from that, we have agreed to set aside 10% of the website’s earnings for the Lumads of the Philippines, that means, each time a listing owner buys an Ad Campaign, it not only helps them promote their businesses, but helps the Lumads as well, a win-win-win situation for the listing owners; the website owners; and the Lumads.

Spread some love, and share The Lumad List with your friends, families, and loved ones. We will do our best to help serve the community through The Lumad List and through your help.